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The Year One,
Every variety of creature in the sea came to watch the
two dolphins make their way east. Big fish and small
fish, simple fish and fancy fish alike were filled with
wonder as the parade stretched along tail after countless
tail. Old fish wept at their coming while the young
fought through the teeming masses to catch a glimpse of
the procession.
Wild sea-lions stampeded the seafloor, raising clouds
of green silt until it seemed as much confetti filled the
water. Seahorses roared approval. Throngs of mermen
and mermaids cheered so loudly the surface of the water
bubbled. Later, there would be fish who swore they saw
the Spirit of the Sea herself watching the pageant from
afar. But of all the unique animals that came to
celebrate, the two most remarkable in the crowd were
the pair of dolphins, black and white.
Seashell-colored horns grew from their foreheads,
emitting halos of soft light to guide them home. The sea
itself, normally crabby and quiet, applauded with
thunderous waves when the two young unicorns and
their ebullient entourage finally arrived at the soaring
stronghold of Coral Wing.