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I Just Want To Be HAPPY
(Transforming De-Motivation)
Beyond Timelines
I Just Want To Be HAPPY (Transforming De-Motivation)
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I Just Want To Be Happy (Transforming De-Motivation)
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There is an understanding that some of the material within this module may appear
deep, and at times overwhelming. However, please do not let it get the better of
you, as it is nothing more than jumping onto a bicycle, or getting behind the controls of
a car for the first time. As this module is likely to introduce new words, and a few new
techniques, the first read could be taxing. This is expected. However, please bear in mind
that like a bicycle and a car, second, third and fourth attempts get better, and while you
may not be in the habit of re-reading material, please give it a go.
This module is aimed at helping you to cultivate the energies and forces of motivation
using “Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation” that will produce uplifting
and magnetically positive outcomes.
Nevertheless, this module is not a quick fix. It is not about teaching, inspirational pep
talks, or any other form of a superficial uplift. Past results demonstrate this type of
motivation to be like a high from a fizzy drink, or adrenaline rushes from a roller coaster.
Initially, they may display temporary fixes, but lasting change is far from permanent.
This module has three key goals:
1 – To identify, uncover, and grow your own natural motivational forces.
2 – To discover how to transform the energy of motivation in to self-