Rio's World HTML version

Chapter 1
ß Riona was chained to the wall, unable to move. They were throwing daggers at her.
Terrified, she closed her eyes as a hundred sharp knives were launched at her
simultaneously. She waited for the pain but didn't feel anything. Slowly, she opened
her eyes and found herself on an empty island… With Trey. He had saved her, again.
Only… it wasn't really how Trey looked. Over the years, through her dreams, Trey’s
face had started evolving into a different person … She just couldn't figure out whom
her mind was confusing him with… 'Trey… what are you doing here?' 'Rio, I've
always been here. Always been with you.' Suddenly he clutched his chest and
dropped to the floor. 'Trey!' Rio screamed. She bent down and saw a shiny stained
knife coming out straight through his heart, among a massive pool of blood… ß
Riona Marionette woke up with a start. Still not used to her nightmares, she trembled
on her bed in the darkness, and waited for the pictures in her mind to slowly fade…
It was only 1:34 A.M.… Not late enough to stay awake. She knew she’d have to go
back to sleep eventually, considering she had a long day tomorrow.
Not being able to handle another sleepless night, Rio tip toed to her parent’s medicine
cabinet and, hesitantly, swallowed two sleeping pills. Anot her hour passed by as she
lay still in bed, staring at the ceiling, till she finally felt her eyes close into an
eventless sleep…