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De ar Re ade rs:
This is a short book of my seven of my own prose -poe try works (and a bonus haiku). Some sound like stories,
othe rs like se rmons. In any case, the y are all an acquire d taste. The y are for people who like to think. So if you
are a reader of only ‘light material’, this is not for you.
To me, the y re ally are not that deep and he avy. To me, these words just re present normal human fee lings that
most folks can re late to. But I neede d to describe the m some how so that you would have an e arthly clue of what to
I cre ate d these poe ms many ye ars ago. I have been writing in this style for ove r twe nty ye ars, re deve loping some of
these particular works along the way. A couple of the ones in this book we re use d for some spoken word events in
my home town (Ne w Orle ans). I was neve r good at actually pe rforming my poe ms. I just re ad the m to the crowd
from my journals. Although I could neve r match the highe r quality pe rformances of those othe r true spoke n word
artists who would be on stage those same nights, I always fe lt honore d whe n the y clappe d for me and said they
like d them (blush).
I hope you like the m, eve n if you only like just one of the m. If you do, let me know: nat@natasharile
and le ave a 5 star revie w on Amazon for me ?.