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Revitalizing Your Church Through Strategic Community Outreach

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Published: 3 years ago

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Revitalizing Your Church Through Strategic Community Outreach is designed to help churches develop a strategic plan for reaching out to their communities. It is written with the smaller or struggling church in mind but the principles of the book are applicable to any church that wants to reach out to its community. The concept is built around a very successful model of church planting and built on the 10 steps of strategic community outreach.

Jim Jacobs

I was in one of the church plants Rusty talks about in the book. While it was a very successful church plant. I wish we knew then all the thinks he learned since then and shared in this book.

Rusty Ford

I read Rusty's book "Dynamic Community Outreach" a few months ago and found it fascinating. I downloaded this book as soon as I heard about it. I found it challenging and provocative. I think it is a good book for any pastor to read. It will challenge how they think about reaching their community.

Rusty Foed

Great book, it made me rethink our churches entire strategy for reaching out to our community.


Rusty Ford

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