"Reversing Alzheimer's" HTML version

Dementia is expected to become the number one health
concern this century. It is projected to affect 115 million people
worldwide by 2050. Families, friends and car- ers are
overwhelmed by the affect of dementia on their loved ones. So
it is ex- tremely important to provide treatments that can
prevent , stall or even reverse the disease. In addition to that it
is also very costly to administer care to the patients.
In 2010 the estimated cost in United States Dollars was $604
Billion, and that is expected to increase dramatically by 2050.
“Reversing Alzheimer’s” was priced at $19-95 and was on
Apple’s iTunes Store for $9-99 but in order to reach as many
people as possible I have decided to make it available FREE of
charge. Please share it with anyone affected by Alzheimer’s.
You may copy it, print it, email it, share it, like it and forward
it to anyone as long as it is complete. It may not however, be
sold in any format.
To your good health and your loved ones,
kind regards
Dr. Gerald Veurink.