Revenge of the Scorpion HTML version

The Revenge of the Scopion
The afternoon was blistering hot without even a light breeze to
move the leaves of the bamboo and banana trees. It was the middle
of the hot season and the earth was baked to a hard crust deprived
of rain for many months. All of the inhabitants of the yard were
either sleeping or sheltering in their burrows in the ground to avoid
the fierce glare of the sun – all except one. The scorpion was
hungry and sun or no sun it needed sustenance and it had to feed.
Slowly its feelers removed the hidden door to its lair and it left its
home to find food.
The card game started late that day. It was played hidden from
watching eyes at the back of the house in a rice barn sala. The
wooden table was laid with a full ice bucket, bottles of lao kaow
moonshine, Singha beer, glasses and of course the cards. A
revolving fan was plugged in to an extension cable and aimed at
the table. Gradually the family and friends took their seats around
the place of battle. A radio played in the back ground Bee Mai
Muang – North Thailand, Chiang Mai music.
Lek had been on duty for several hours manning a police road
block on the super highway. His wallet was full as there had been
no shortage of motorbike riders without helmets or Farangs to
intimidate with threatened prosecution for alleged speeding
offences. Still, his pistol holster was new and rubbed sorely against
his hip and the hot saddle of his motorbike burned his upper thighs.
He turned his motorbike into the yard and parked under a palm
tree. The group at the table called out to him
“Lek you bad boy! How many poor people have you shot today?”
Lek, loved his Colt .45 Revolver and was still paying installments
through the Police Cooperative but he had never aimed the gun at
anyone – let alone shot someone. Still his day would come. He
walked over to the table and placed his 2-way radio on the table