Revelations from the Apocalypse - Volume I: Here is Wisdom


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The Christian Book of Revelation is a deceptive rewrite of a Hebrew symbolic wisdom text authored by the Teacher of Righteousness.

Earl Wilborn

An excellent read.The books of this author (including "The Apocalypse Symbol Guide" and "Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols") cannot be simply perused, but studied, to fully understand their content. In reading any of SSH's works, the reader must not merely focus on the "evidence" presented, but on the "numerical symbology" that is clearly expounded upon. Otherwise, the "lies" and "delusions" told to us for so long will blind your discernment and prevent a just,objective and scientific assessment of the author's works.

Sharlene Forbes

I would very much like to send a personal email to Lawrence W Page II Welcome Back!!!


Pfft. What nonsense. The author believes he himself is the messiah, has some tin-foil hat theory on "secret societies" that he claims are all masterminded by the Vatican, and then has a section devoted to the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. Christ's resurrection is easier to believe than this "awful" theories.If you want to get in the mind of a completely insane this book!




Lawrence W. Page II

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