Revelations 2010 the Cynic's Bible


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Totally new insight into God. Not affiliated with any organized religion. If you have doubts, questions about God. The Cynic's Bible offers real answers and explanations. Not just the same old "God has a plan" rhetoric. The Cynic's Bible takes less than a hour to read and can enhance existence. No faith required.

Walter Nazloomian Karen Waters

It is very interesting that you believe what you read in a book by someone that you don't know, was the truth! The real bible was written by a number of persons that you don't know, but you chose wast is truth & what is not. What did you base that on?

Ron Spinelli

A rabbi once told me this. People with faith don't want to know the truth. How true that is.

Terry Karlin

I enjoyed the book. It made me think of God, that was enough for me.


I liked this book a lot, but still we need to keep in mind that without faith it's hard to get the guidance that we need to understand things as fully as possible. Also we need to understand that the writer has his s limits of understanding too. We are all on a journey to find the truth and nothing but the truth. I appreciate the effort from the writer to share his thoughts with us even i not always blindly agree with everything he says, but that is what it's about, keep an open mind, keep thinking of God, and slowly but surely you will find the way closer to God, step by step suitable to your level of understanding at that point. I want to state that spirituality is a very personal thing, but in the end we all looking for the same thing in lots of different ways, it's now HOW you do it that counts, the thing is THAT you do it. Reading the Bible without studying it makes it hard to understand sometimes, so take the effort and time to study and you will understand better step by step.


Faith is always required!


It was non-scriptural and unsuccessfully triesto argue against the basic precepts of the Bible.

Thomas Todd

I am convinced that Michael answered his own questions and has constructed an offshoot of secular humanism. He denies the existence of faith and love which are the foundations and cornerstone of the teachings of Jesus. I am not saying to reject this writing, but don't follow it blindly. He tries to cover up his loose concept of God by leaving it up to you, so he will not be responsible for the consequences which wreak havoc on your mind and belief system. Even worse he denies the existence of the demonic forces that Jesus taught are a controlling factor in our lives. To deny the existence of the devil makes you his pawn, and and instrument in his hands. I can't tell you what to do, but I do recommend it you wish to download this opinion of a bewildered man who is still searching for answers, then please read it with a jaundiced eye. I am not a religious person, and I do not ascribe to any religious system. I, on the other hand, do not encourage leaving your church until you are mature enough to stand on your own, which may take many years of bible study and prayer. Be careful of the writing, do not take it to heart for there are hidden dangers you must avoid.

Maggie Gean

I did not like the blank pages, and he has some typos or use of the wrong word, knew and new stuff, but it's well thoughout and has some strong merit. As we grow emotionally, intellectual, spiritual, how we see God also grows. He is right about most organized, established churches of every religion wanting your money..that's what their management lives on. The more we donate, the better quality of material life they have. And guilt tripping us into donating is quite common

Merve Tuncel

This was an incredible book, the author mentions everything I ever thought of. Except for some spelling errors and font I thought this book was absolutely remarkable and I am planning on sending it to everyone I know. People really do need to be enlightened already!


I share most of Michael's ideas about religion. I, myself, has written an article "In Matters of Faith" (unpublished) and I would very much like to communicate with him some more. Would anyone please give me Michael Barry's e-mail address?


I am glad that there is someone who shares the same view with me regarding religion.

tom padgett

God is bigger than you think, thinking got you in trouble in the first place

Shelly Fuqua

I love the fact that someone finally has the guts to publish these truths despite what mainstream religious people might think and it is long overdue. I too was raised in organized religion and from a very young age had doubts and questions but was told not to ask or doubt because it was a sin or of the devil which made even less sense to me. I conformed for most of my young adult years out of fear all the while knowing inside it was wrong. It wasn't until I finally forgot everything I learned like Barry said that I began to discover all the things he said in his book. Well done Barry and I hope to see more of the same from you in the future!!

TJ Baker

I think this is a must read! This book will enrich your spiritual walk in life.


I truly appreciate this author for having the guts to publish this. It is a long time overdue. I actually liked the large font and found a few misspelled words which only seem to add to the integrity of the message I was reading. I will have to check out the writing of Neale Donald Walsh as it is similar to my own teachings from Dr. Kelley Varner. God rest His Soul :) I really enjoyed the emphasis on time and death as you have displayed it in your writing. Thanks again.


Everything this writer offers is in truth and fair communication.n He states the facts without giving us the impression he is more or less knowledgable than anyone else. The encouragement he gives to question and be curious to the point of finding out for ourselves, is very refreshing. We must not forget whose children we are, and respect the emence patience God gives,.. waiting for us to awaken and emerge as One in Him.

Simon Jarma

I proclaim this a MUST READ for all people with questions about spirituality! Being a devout Catholic, I leave myself open to all views of spirituality...I found this book a great inspiration, being that it is a non- profit book....Religeon is the Number 1 business in the United States these days, and it is People Like Barry Michael that are to be commended for stiving to make the world a better place. I suggest this book to any and all people, religeous or not!

Steve Gray

While I wasn't crazy about the weird font I was able to overlook it as I started to read because the material held my interest. I have traveled a similar spiritual path and arrived in a somewhat similar place as the writer with respect to my understanding of God. As the writer clearly states, this is not a book for those that are comfortable with their organized religion and its beliefs, but if your experience has led you to question the existence of God this book could offer some insights into a different way to approach God. If you are comfortable with the ideas expressed in this book, you may find the writings of Neale Donald Walsh interesting as well.


Barry Michael

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