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As is well known and proved by Spiritual scientists, when

the fetus in the womb is his biological spirit descends through

spiritual light, the place where Komati remained since its last

Incarnation and from there by the power of light had the privilege

of choose their biological parents.

That way he can afford to incorporate within the biological mother.

He made that choice because they are beings that will directly or

indirectly help plan your next life.

After physical birth, some are born with eyes wide open, due to the

increasing capability of circulating energy on Earth that influences

this aspect.

Parents will be their guardian Angels, lest anything bad happen to

you and at the same time to give him the necessary material

benefits, to its future development, either mental physical and

Spiritual. What sometimes is not easy and eventually forget the


José Cruz


Reunion Of Light



After birth the Light that the newborn sees through the 3rd

view is different from those that the Spirit was used to feeling.

Because she is now full of impurities either physical vibration,

hence spend most of the time sleeping.

This sleep as we know is a meditative state in which the Spirit

leaves the physical body and returns to the source of light energy to

recharge their real mother.

As you know light equals energy.

In this light source is where the Spirit remains to make the return

to the physical body in astral travel.

This light and has a variety of ways, who will later on as your

Conscience will grow over the years, may be identified as elves or

fairies and castles hanging etc.

José Cruz


Reunion Of Light