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Through this mission, I will guide each you on several trips to

Your deepest self in order to get back with you to identify

yourselves, as they were in children, when you get there Ìll be there

waiting for you, just a few steps ahead of you. To show the way

you return safely to the Society.

During this journey learn to take care of yourself in Light, coming

to again self-esteem, self confidence and to use intuition as a guide

to everything in life.

Each of you will feel more awake and conscious talking you back to

Experience the reality of everything in Cosmos.

You feel all situations and problems differently and innovatively to

Meet them and solve them wither social, physical, mental or

Spiritual, this at no cost without leaving the inside of each one of

You, try and feel the difference in your lives.


José Cruz


Reunion Of Light


Dear friends / and the others.

I was born on February 15, 1963, within a humble family and as

such I was raised poor. By my late maternal grandmother and my

late mother's maternal, grandfather who was a combatant in the

First World War in France, it was dedicated to agriculture and

several years separated from my grandmother. This grandfather of

whom I liked a lot and I still have some memories of our shared

experience to date of his death;

I had about five years old. About my father knows though

sporadically throughout my life have spoken with him only half a

dozen times, I keep a few memories of the person who just give me

the name, I would if I were to live with him and another woman

who was not my mother, and taking her only lover, she disagreed.

That there was growing discord between my grandmothers, I

cherished and protected me while being already of advanced age,

and my mother who gave blow.

He said that by not having a father that I had to be the man of the

house, and still had to learn things adult children. The great washes

the brain.

There I was surviving on my grandmother, that dear Spirit as after

his disappearance from Earth, continued to be my Spiritual guide

for years. Humble person who was not handled very well by her

daughter, my mother.

José Cruz

At the height of my eleven years, my grandmother passed away. At

that time I felt abandoned and sad in the World.

Both the loss of first person, I had the feeling of love and be loved


Having no family any more except my mother, very rigid person.

This always taught me good manners, education, honesty and work.

That soon heard her say, as well worker was the scooter, and in

other words, how the money was as I earned so was the food he ate.

I never missed anything, but I started to work early, a small

business that she had to scrap, right from the moment I entered the

primary. In which I took the 4th Class with the help of chickens,

rabbits and eggs as an offering of my mother teachers.

Because my Spirit does not give these basic things that Society

demands to live in it. But there had to be.

This person as I have chosen to give me the physical form before


I would like to continue studying, but I did not accede to his will

because she is very ill. I promised him then that after learning a

profession and make my life go back to school.

After the time had learned the carpenter's first profession was

followed by the restoration, consultant among many others that

followed throughout my life-story. And I began to behave like

human beings and not as a Spiritual being. Lacking the physical

presence of my grandmother who helped me in everything I needed.

Mainly for my Spiritual life and give my further development and


As an example I will describe: After my birth when asleep, which

was rare, instinctively put my hands are always on call position of

Catholic prayer.

As I was growing up that fact disappearing as he had of other

beings of light. And just to anticipate events before they happen.

Other times to be with elderly patients who felt they attracted the

pain better or simply disappeared.


Reunion Of Light

And then I felt growing inside.

Other times I had the feeling of having been in certain places and

never have been there in this life-story.

As feelings of already having done things that I do not even recall

at the time of that experience still short.

Other times the dreams or nightmares, as we know are nothing more

than bad copies in black and white, the thoughts we have when


Which are transferred through to the unconscious mind, which

appear during sleep?

A variety of other situations happened to me, due to energy

circulation in the Universe. As by Nature or certain places and


But who could explain what I just described!

My mother did not even think, call me crazy or not of this World

and had no reason to be.

Who was my confidant, was my grandmother because she was

explaining to me the wisdom that came with your deepest self.

That happened to me and especially why it is that happened to me.

She always described it very well designed, with great humility love

compassion and total Spiritual surrender.

This happened that after his physical death, his Spirit has always

guided me until adulthood. But today I feel that stopped evolving

spiritually since then until a few years ago.

José Cruz

In retrospect as he created my professional independence and

material, but never stop studying the mysteries that encompass the

terms Gnostics, but begin live in the mind or intellect, physical and

material, whit the age of fourteen years to open a Bank account,

against the wishes of my mother. I worked, and put on, wore me

buy my food, and things necessary to my survival remaining

deposited in the Bank.

In personal relations he had few friends as well as today because

very few people who have a very empathic sensitivity, but

increasingly more and still be well in favor of Humanity, by this

point besides work and study on their own as described earlier.

I bought a bike already old, was one of my (dream) in height. But I

gave way to go to work. I started rowing and later Weightlifting.

However I saw an ad on television Corps paratroopers.

With the slogan: If you have the Spirit of adventure and want to

belong to the family Parachute jump with us.

As a family was what my mind told me that was missing. After

making the sixteen years I enlisted up for this, I called and verified.

In September 1981, I had been in the place of Tancos, to the future

military, but when the some friends known told me that there was

just crazy. I confirm and after two years decided to leave

dissatisfied then I found that most were not crazy and with respect

to all the others were stupid. I was then nineteen years and two of

which troop met.

For those times then met his first girlfriend, with whom I fell in

love that after a few years later to marry.

Then immigrated to Switzerland but returned after some time to get

divorced at my request, because we do not understand how married


For a while I tried with the mind and intelligence that it comes

from another partner, for relationship ever in order to remarry, and

come to a family.


Reunion Of Light

Until one day I met one who, after a few months of dating married

again. But the Catholic Church which at the time of my birth had

received the blessing of baptism.

From this marriage were born two children. To which they named

Anna and the past four years of Martha. `

I was very happy with both births. (I thought) that I was my life

the way I longed for.

I worked on his own as well as today, there was a wedding to

respect, to guide the two daughters grow up, a woman who always

loved and respected, who erected the house with me today still


But through as who so-called (destination), are we that we do

moment to moment, often unconsciously.

After about eleven years of marriage I decided to return to divorce,

which came to pass.

I was once again feeling the bitter taste of losing trust in someone.

And only because the children have been away from me, the only

family I have, for my biological mothers have since passed away a

few years ago.

To help the party, at that time, I was bedridden due to various

health problems which had to ignore the years without knowing it.

For example, weighed about 100 kg to 1.70 tall, I had been

diagnosed degenerative problems, hips and spine, to which I was

invited to be operated, and I always refused because there are no

guarantees of getting good by the medical teams.

However for personal company got a depression.

It came all at the same time, help me a few neighbors and friends in

these circumstances, I can move to the treatments since I was in

Condition to be able to move, just as snakes.

What was the desire of some people who (thought) I was that my

family until then, they are direct family members of children, to the

point that I wish my death?

José Cruz

Then I found myself struggling with these whole situation shares,

divorce, courts, parental authority, bureaucracies, no cars to work,

any money and health. I was then for the 1st time in the lives of

sick leaving. They wanted me to retire on disability, I declined

because I had a feeling and believed that this would still not be my

end, had 39 years of age.

Do not know how but I felt I had to do something against what

until then (Thought) and that everything had been in the

background created by my mind.


Reunion Of Light


At first the (mind) that lay accounts that happened to me was due

to others. Later I came to realize that this was precisely the same

(mind) that I betrayed led to this situation deplorable and

unworthy for any human being.

One day I came home with the feeling that there was something I

missed home, but somehow there was something that attracted me.

I felt that this was attracted by the fact that I myself have built

almost entirely with my own hands wisely love and affection.

And I looking for that would be!

I found myself through it all I felt impelled by a strange force that

led me to do so, it was as if we walk with your eyes closed knowing

the way that feeling. Then I came to discover certain gifts and

artifacts, hidden that were completely unknown to me, but which

made me shiver.

Later I learned the meaning of them and what they intended. They

had intended to bury myself in her lifetime.

Then I grabbed them carefully always with courage and carefully

without fear. Some could just throw them out, and every time I did

I felt better.

Other belongings were to stop burning fireplace, including a

photograph of me that there was to be treated, even though it all

burned up but the photo so that threw into the fire that jumped out

immediately to stop the fire coming with me.

Then from there my whole life began to unravel as I do.

José Cruz

I felt that to have the courage to look for something that did not

know what it was and where he could be without ever (thought)

how much it would change my life forever.

1st was a person who was very medical zed, as its dependence due

to health problems so far.

In beautiful night I came to feel that strange force in me not

knowing where it came with a little light, when i closed my eyes

and blinked in the darkness of night.

Today I feel why, but at the time I was perplexed to give me

lighting. I did a fire outside the house and all that was burning

drug, as well as natural products. Well then capsules looked

Laotians shots while the maximum milligrams were reduced to


I watched it and felt a part of my pain disappeared with them.

To this date have spent about ten years, without ever taking

whatever it was drugs, for whatever.

Until now I did a little of my presentation to the people I know,

only sporadic depicting some passages of my life.

From now on I'll start transcribing this book. In which I will

explain how the strength of mind was nearly killing me physically

and morally, and how I come out on top of it.

I write this first book by several factors, the main thing is

intuition. Maybe twenty years ago, I began to feel something inside

me, no voice but a feeling that one day he would write a book, but

not knowing about what and why, just felt.

Sometimes I wrote a few lines or blocks simply describing my state

of mind, both in Portuguese and English.

I just wrote what was in the Soul. What gave me pleasure, but

however the relentless pursuit of the most suitable for a restoration

of my health in all aspects through Nature.

I began to feel that this could only be affected through a Reunion

with the Light that shone within me that I still felt as a child.


Reunion Of Light

But I heard a radio station talk about Reek its foundation and

which itself. Very good, then bought a book started reading it and

to the extent that he read was practicing the teachings which it

came. I felt attracted to do it.

Always alone still reach several degrees on the scale of Reek.

However my health continued to improve day after day.

As I had gained more knowledge about the various ways to

treatments or cures, the test always come after me first. I began to

feel that I was coming back as a small gift as a child.

The treating sick people know that today is the energy that flows

through the Universe, Then as I was focusing more on my being

and Mother Nature, to see their Auras meanings and feel these


Then I became attracted to human Auras, as their views through

the 3rd Vision, colors and meanings.

About these studies, my female intuition told me it was time to

start writing. Let me explain for those who do not know that.

Every human being has a female and one male.

Whether you are male or female, the energy emanating to the

feminine side of each being,

The Spiritual Energy is the same one that connects us to the

Cosmos and thus to our Spiritual side.

The male energy is that which connects us to the earth and material

things existing in it.

José Cruz


Reunion Of Light


I started to write a paper about the Human Auras and

asked my conscience. But always for therapeutic or curative for this

field is that I feel my entire evolutionary pathway and the

obligation to disclose to others, and then wake up to see the same

journey as me.

And then come to those who need help just having to pay more

loving light power, which is increasingly one that circulates in the


As I would write everything I had learned and experienced, about

the seven colors of the Rainbow that make up as well as the last

color that was added in the last Century.

The indigo blue, which is the color of human evolution, in

consequence of this task, which is not edited and do not know if I

will edit, because I felt that during this task was to initiate a

process of Spiritual maturation.

It is completed when I left that job to have the need to look for

people to see their Human Auras.

Simply got to feel them, both deceased persons, living or yet unborn.

So since I can remember that I am rarely slept, this only happened

sporadically half dozen hours per quarter at most.

José Cruz

And I practiced meditation for a few years active, passive and

dynamic. Meditated an average of 4 to 5 hours for day, was

experiencing physical sensations, mental and Spiritual, as a

complement to physical and Spiritual practiced Hath Yoga and its

asana, currently no longer need to apply these techniques, due to be

and remain in a State of Grace.

Occupation as a small business will have approximately 25 years of

which I was founder of the fun of the area, which I derive some

income for the maintenance of my life.

About more than represent the Light of the Universe, which will

read reflects who I am.

Very well!

I am going from now slightly raise the veil, as I turned around my

life in every aspect of 360 degrees.

And for that I will get some points as reference has written so far.

In order to become items of lighting for those who need them,

whether for therapies or cures. Help for a Spiritual awakening, or

simply for self development.

Thank you.


Reunion Of Light