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So here we stand, in the center of the massive Companion Hall, amid Companions and
Keepers from across the galaxy. I could see each ledge above occupied by a Companion,
(in their true size), and their Keeper, many of which I personally knew. Each Companion
had answered the call; some unknown desire that had risen from their inner depths urging
them to return to their home world. Never in Companion history had a call gone out like
this - summoning all the Companions in the Galaxy.
So, as I said…here we stood. We were urged to climb the stairs to the top of the center
platform and step upon the Circle of Truth. Our minds would be opened to all in
Begin at the beginning… came an inner command.
We closed our eyes and seemed to float in a relaxing sea of safety and love.
We were called Peacekeepers, created to enforce the Law of the Galaxy. After the
devastating war of Argosis VI and the unexpected annihilation of an entire race of beings,
the Galaxy was shocked to their senses. In the aftermath of that horror, the planets united
in the formation of a Guild, and pledged that never again would we allow ourselves to
engage in war on such a level. Never again would we allow evil to so corrupt us.
The governments of all the planets in the Guild agreed that a special police force, with
extraordinary powers, was needed to maintain the Law in the Galaxy; and so the
Peacekeepers were created. This force would be independent of any planet; they would
have total authority to make final decisions in all disputes. They would be answerable only
to the governing Guild; a body of legal representatives from all the worlds involved. These
Peacekeepers would be incorruptible, dedicated to the law, and totally impartial in settling
Training for the Peacekeeper Corps was rigorous and long, requiring the Keeper to be
proficient in all forms of combat, physical and metaphysical. The individual Keeper
himself would have to be conversant in all forms of the Law and graduate with a Law
Degree of the 5th Level. Training would then begin to allow the Keeper to be matched with
a Companion. The intensive bonding with the Companion would turn the Keeper's hair
white if successful. With a successful matching, the Keeper and Companion would then be
assigned an area of the Galaxy to patrol.
Matching with a Companion was vital, for it was the Companion who insured that the
Peacekeeper’s decisions would be accepted and followed. Knowledge of the power and
impartiality of the Companions was Galaxy wide; and no one ever wanted to anger one.
An ancient evil saw his own doom fast approaching and decided to forestall it. The usurper
hired the evil assassin Rubik to kill the ‘Anointed’ before the Companions could find him.
This was unacceptable in accordance with the Law and a warrant was issued to hunt the
assassin down and arrest him. Word reached the evil Rubik and the first thing he did was
kill everyone who knew him; then he ran.
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