Restore Your Computer in a Few Minutes HTML version

1. Concept
The instant system repair is already used by computer manufacturers it has been
years. Some of them send out with the computer one (or even more) CD-ROMs, usually
called “Quick Restore”. When you boot your computer with this CD-ROM, your system is
restored to the factory condition.
But there is a point: all programs you have installed since you started using your
computer will need to be reinstalled, and all your documents will be erased.
With this manual you will learn how to create a disk image, that is a “picture” from the
system taken at the moment all your configurations are adequated to your use, and being
able to restore in minutes every time you need.
Usually a complete reinstalling service take several hours. From now on, you will only
need to do this service one more time, and so every time you need to restore for any
reason, for example a virus, file corrupting or any other software reason, you will need only
to restore that image and presto! Your system will be put back to the factory condition, at
the exactly point it was when you created the image, with all your programs and preferences
the way you need, in just a couple of minutes!
You will be able to create even more than one image, in different points, and the
system works with any version of Windows® Operating System!