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Turmoil of duties, have to’s, laws, anxiety, stress, pressure, intentions.
(b) “Come to Me”
· This is the first of three decisions you need to make – rest is the outcome.
· Connection to a person not a principle – rest is in the person of Jesus.
· Peace/rest is a gift from Him – if it is a gift then it is not a work.
· Centre your focus on Jesus not on storms or pressure of life.
Eg Matthew 14:28-31 Peter walking on water.
While he maintained focus on Jesus not the storm he walked on water.
(c) “Take My Yoke on You”
ᄋ “Yoke” = teaching and lifestyle of a Rabbi.
ᄋ “Take Yoke” = to become a disciple/follower of Jesus and His lifestyle.
· Jesus was surrounded by turmoil, agendas, hostility, malice but walked in inner peace.
· Jesus rested by listening to directions of the Holy Spirit (John 5:19) and refused the
pressures, expectations others placed upon Him.
· Loss of peace = signal to evaluate what is happening and yield to obedience.
(d) “Lean on Me”
· This means to receive instruction in the same way, same attitude – meekness and humility,
disciples did from Master.
· A process of interaction, questions, enquiries listen to response.
· A process of gaining insight, wisdom through direct interaction.
· Slow down – stop reading – ask Holy Spirit questions – listen and obey.
Results: “Find rest for souls”.
Jesus said: If you're stressed out, come to Me. The answer is a person, your connection with
a person, connecting with Him and learning.
Technology doesn't solve problems, because the problems we really face, the core of them,
are found in the heart; and in our walk with God.
The reason He can teach you how to do life, is because He has an attitude of meekness,
humility; and He gave an example of how to do life.
Matthew 11, the Rest that Faith Brings. We started off
looking in Matthew 11:28…
“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden”.
Doesn't that sound like a lot of people you know?
Burdened, troubled, anxious, uptight, stressed out?
Isn't it amazing, that with all the gadgets we've got now -