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Rest of Faith
Mike Connell
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Rest of Faith
The Rest of Faith (1 of 4) "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie
Psalms is full of David's battle to find that resting pl ace. In fact he had many difficulties,
pressures setbacks, obstacles - all kinds of challenges, but he said “I'm never lacking,
because God is my provider and my source”.
He came to rest inside, in God. The kingdom of God is about rest, not works.
“He that has entered into rest has ceased from his own works.”
The Rest of Faith (2 of 4) Jesus said: If you're stressed out, come to Me. The answer is a
person, your connection with a person, con necting with Him and learning.
Technology doesn't solve problems, because the problems we really face, the core of them,
are found in the hea rt; and in our walk with God.
The reason He can teach you how to do life, is because He has an attitude of meek ness,
humility; and He gave an example of how to do life.
The Rest of Faith (3 of 4) Stress and pressure are part of our life, and Jesus has given some
clear things about how we can deal with it.
When you're stressed out, anxious and uptight you don't live your best; you struggle in your
relationships; there's overflow in your health.