Repairing my Ford Car - Not Another Ford Repair Manual HTML version

Once the piston is pushed back, it is time to undo the break clapper retaining
bolts. Put them somewhere safe. Remove the caliper and then dislodge the old
worn out pads.
I like to smear on copper grease on the side of the pad that comes into contact
with the metal parts of the breaking system. Ensure you do not allow the copper
grease to go on the breaking part of the pads.
Replace the pads like for like and ensure all the parts are fitted in the correct
order and are secure. If you are in any doubt, always refer to the Ford owner’s
The brake pedal should be pumped until it becomes hard to depress. Once this
is done move to the next side and repeat the sequence.
The brake pads are an easy repair and one that most Ford owners can carry out
with limited mechanical knowledge and a simple toolbox. Remember always
check the Ford manual or owner’s handbook.
My second do it yourself job on my Ford Fiesta was the water pump. This job
has some hidden benefits and complications. It is very important to check the
Ford handbook and Ford manual to ensure you know what is entailed and that
you have the right tools and skills for the job.
In the Ford hand book there will be a list of any specific tools needed to carry
out this job. I have taken the time to ensure I have them all and for some very
specialist tools, I am able to make use of some other instruments I have at my