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Fixing my Ford Car – Not Another Ford Repair Manual
One of the main reasons I purchased my brand new ford Fiesta was once the
warrantee had expired I would be able to carry out all future repairs myself. I
have some mechanical background knowledge of fixing cars. I intend to
purchase a Ford manual that will provide me with all the technical tolerances,
measurements and settings. Not forgetting the invaluable Ford Motor Company
owner’s handbook that comes with ever Ford car, which is a valuable reference
My first do it yourself job I needed to carry out on my Fiesta is the break pads.
It is very important at this point to put a common misconception to rest.
The breaking system on a car is a sealed unit. The Brake fluid reservoir is
designed to hold the right amount of fluid. When the brake linings start to wear
on the break pads and rear shoes (if fitted), the brake fluid will go below the
maximum level. Some garages and individuals will top up this fluid in a service
but this will result in a big problem further down the line.
As you will read later in this article when the break caliper piston is forced
back to accommodate the new thicker break pads the brake fluid will rise in the
reservoir if it has been toped up it will over spill. The brake fluid is corrosive. If
it comes into contact with either metal or rubber fittings, it can cause major
Even if the level drops in the reservoir suddenly then you should refrain from
using the car until it has been inspected and repaired.