Releasing the Can't HTML version

RELEASING THE CAN”T March 17, 2013
Prayer time
It’s time to put this book in the front of your mind and let nothing stop you if you
sit where I sat and been where I been you would understand. So there is a
difference between you and I because I have gone through it and you are reading
this so I am praying you will never have to go through with this like I did.
Put your shoes on put your best prayer time on and read this cause this will help
you through.
Right now I pray for you that things will get better and not worse. When we
reconsider each other the devil can’t make us loose our minds and our focus. No
matter how messed up you are you can press through it even if you have to cry
though the tough times God your daddy knows the outcome of your life.
Prayer is when God sees your tears and you hold Gods hand so I pray that you
reach his hand today and know that he has his hand on you. God is a big God so
don’t let anything stop you from moving forward from this point on.