Relationship or Rights HTML version

I'll show you why you'll walk in cursing. God opened to me something from scripture;
I've read it enough times and you have too, but I saw something I had not seen before
because I've puzzled about this parable. So I want to go through the parable of the
unforgiving servant in Matthew, Chapter 18, Verse 21. So in Verse 21, Peter came to
Jesus and said Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? How
about seven times? That's pretty big of me if I forgive him seven times. That's not to bad
is it aye, I'm a pretty guy aye don't you think? And Jesus said no, seventy times seven. He
said what? Then Jesus began to speak a parable and so He said the kingdom of heaven is
like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. When he begun to settle the
accounts there was one brought to him who owned him ten thousand talents. That's
millions of dollars - and he was not able to pay.
His master commanded he be sold with his wife and children, all he had and that payment
be made. The servant fell down before him, said master, have patience. I will pay you all,
then the master of that servant was moved with compassion, released him and forgave the
debt. Man, isn't that something else. So you have to understand that there's a whole area
where Jesus has been teaching on offences and issues in relationships. In the context of
that Peter sort of says well you know, if someone upsets me, hurts me or gets me annoyed
and gets on wick, how many times should I forgive him? Once, twice, maybe seven
times, how about that? And Jesus said no, no, no and then He teaches a parable.
Parable is to open up an insight and understanding related to the issue of being hurt in
relationship. This is a kingdom parable and so you notice here that it's about a kingdom
and about a king, so the first thing is who is the parable addressed to? Well you know,
maybe it's just to unsaved people. No it isn't, it's addressed to Peter and if you read at the
end of it the application Jesus gives; so will My heavenly Father do to you if each of you
from your heart does not forgive everyone, his brother their trespasses. So twice in the
parable it's clear this is something for Christians. I'd encourage you to open your heart to
listen, because what I share with you will shift your thinking about how important it is to
walk in forgiveness and grace.
I guarantee that people are going to hurt. I guarantee that you will respond not always
well, but if you can get an insight from this parable it will help motivate you to make
choices which ensure no matter what anyone does, two things happen; one, you respond
in a way that gets you into a new flow of grace and blessing and two, that you actually
ensure you grow from the experience, become a greater person.
So the first thing is well who's it addressed to? It's addressed to Christians, addressed to
you. Second thing is what is the key issue in this parable? The key issue is this: how will
you treat people? How will you respond to people who annoy you, tick you off, offend
you, do an injustice to you, do something that really hurts and upsets you? How will you
respond? That is the key issue. This is about the response and you can choose to respond
with the law. You can choose to respond with grace. That is the choice - law or grace. If
you respond with law you will demand your rights. You will demand justice. This is not
fair, you must do something, you owe me. You have to do something to fix this up. That
is the law.