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Relationship or Rights
Sun 6 Feb 2011 AM
I want you to open your Bible with me in Matthew, Chapter 18. I want to speak a
message called Relationship or Rights. Relationship or Rights - would you rather be right,
or would you rather have relationship? While you're finding Matthew 18 - there's a
scripture in Ephesians 5 that goes something like this. It says be imitators of God and
walk in love as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us. In other words the Bible says
don't copy the guy next door to you. Don't copy someone down the road. Don't model
your lifestyle on people who are broken and sinful. Rather model your lifestyle on what
God is like.
We're called to become like Him, so God has designed us for relationship and to become
like Him. To become like Him means we need to model our life on how Jesus, what He
taught and how He lived His life out and walk in love as He walked in love. So this is the
challenge is walking in love, a lifestyle of love and it's not ishy-gishy or all that kind of
[woohy] sort of thing. It's much, much more than that. It's something substantial that
involves our character, what goes on in your heart. Now in life there wouldn't be anyone
here in this room who didn't get someone upset you or hurt you, probably on the way to
church this morning - upset you or hurt you just by living in life, and living in life one
thing is absolutely certain is taxes. The other thing that's fairly certain is that you're going
to get hurt, you're going to suffer injustice, you're going to suffer pain, you're going to get
wounded in your interactions with people.
When this happens, which is part of life, it's natural to feel a bit hurt and a bit upset.
Sometimes we might even get angry - tell someone next to you that's you he's talking
about now. I know you ... [Laughter] ... so it's quite natural to be like that. But the thing is
we have no power really to stop painful things happening in our life. We do have the
choice how we respond and it's the choice how you respond that positions you to walk in
blessing and increase of the grace of God, or to literally open your life to demonic
oppression. My observation is the majority of Christians suffer needlessly, suffer in their
life and relationships in ways that we should never have to suffer, because they don't
understand how to walk in the love of God, how to walk and reflect the character of God.
We would rather be right than do that, so when someone upsets you you have a choice.
Your choice - remember, you have no choice over what they did. Here's what your choice
is. Your choice is in how you respond and you're either going to decide to move in
blessing or in cursing. Choose life, choose blessing rather than cursing. We always have
the choice, so the moment someone upsets you, gets on your wick or anything, you can
choose to walk in blessing and release blessing, if you release grace and forgiveness, or if
you want to demand your rights and hold that the person has to put it right and demand
they apologise to you, you will walk in cursing.