Relationship or Rights HTML version

· “Wicked servant” = 4190 = to cause pain, sorrow, hardship, to have a negative and hurtful influence.
· “Grieved” = 3076 = to throw the fellow servants into grief and sorrow and pain.
· Unforgiveness, bitterness, cold love cause defilement and grief in relationships.
· Reminded: He had received grace – needed to extend grace to stay in flow of grace.
· When hurts come we have a choice:
Grace – value and restore relationships
Law – exposure, demand rights, judgement
· Eg: Joseph – Gen 45: 14-18 - Attitude to brothers – grace
Jesus Jn. 13: 14-14 - Attitude to Judas – grace
· Satan is an accuser and a legalist – he trades in the law.
· Jesus is a Saviour and advocate – He trades in grace
· Consequences i) forgiveness was revoked – no longer legal, cancelled
ii) Handed over to the tormentors – demonic spirits
iii) Wife and children were also exposed to tormentors
(7) Mercy and Forgiveness are Kingdom Principles
· V35 How Jesus applied consequences to each of us for how we respond to people who have hurt, wounded, offended us,
failed us.
· “Each of You” = no person is exempt.
i) Demand rights, justice = torments/prison
ii) Yield/Grace = receive grace and flow in grace
· Lk 6: 35 – 36 Reward = experience the Father’s embrace and flow of His favour.
(8) The Path Out of Prison
(i) Desire for intimacy and fellowship with God (Rom. 2:4)
(ii) Repentance and Confession of our sin (pride) (2 Cor. 7:9-11)
· Causes us to see how we have hurt others.
· Know we have grieved the Holy Spirit – repent of unforgiveness and judgments.
· Willing to let go the need to be right.
· Willing to guard how we speak – respond to others.
(iii) Give and Receive Forgiveness
· Forgiveness is an issue between you and God (Lk. 23:24; Mk. 11:25)
· Forgive others for the hurt they have brought – hurt people hurt others.
· Receive God’s forgiveness for judging, demanding rights, bitterness.
(iv) Sow Kindness into Others
· Sowing kindness is the fruit of a changed heart.