Relationship or Rights HTML version

could say that we were right than to pursue the relationship. Father, help us as a church
and as individuals to grow in the grace of God.
Just I wonder while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed, perhaps there's someone
here today and you don't know Jesus Christ personally. To know Him means to receive
Him as your saviour, to trust what He did. It's not about going to church or what you've
done in church or anything good. It's actually about trusting that when Jesus died on the
cross, what He did was totally sufficient for you to be forgiven and saved. Jesus said to
everyone who received Him and believed in Him, He gave power to become a child of
God. I wonder today if that's you? Do you want to just realise I'm right at that point I
need to give my life to Christ.
Jesus said to everyone who received Him He gave power, the right to become a child of
God. Is there anyone here today and God's been speaking to you about your heart
attitudes and you realise there's a part of your life is in prison because when you faced
injustice, when you faced pain and hurt and difficulty, you chose to judge and find fault.
You wanted to prove I'm right and so you shut your heart down against other members in
the body of Christ. If you could have the courage to say God is speaking to me, that's my
heart, I need to repent today - would you raise your hand if that's you? God bless, God
bless, hands up all over. God bless. I've got my hand up too.
I know God's speaking very deeply in my heart about many of these issues. Your next
step would be to just come before the Lord and let Him show you exactly where and how
it's taken place and repent of that thing, ask His forgiveness, forgive the person and then
start to sow kindness to that person, just sow. Don't expect anything to come back. The
sowing means you've passed from death to life because you're now communicating love.
That's your part.