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Refuge Cross: The Exiles

Downloads: 178         Pages: 253

Published: 2 years ago

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In a land where the controlling of emotions has a powerful influence on the physical environment, join Trex and Sara as they contend with their new emotional strengths and weaknesses brought on by their journey through young adulthood. Beliefs, morals and identity will be tested and shaped as they each try to come to terms with their very different cultures and positions in life. Wanted or not, both must try to steer themselves and their families safely through a time which is filled with ever increasing danger and intrigue. Secret societies, betrayal, circumstance and loyalties will result in their separate paths being interwoven as they must outwit a dangerous band of exiles to achieve a single goal, but for two very different reasons.


Sven Grams

Having traveled extensively throughout the world, my fascination with the development and variety of the human condition has never diminished, in particular the influence of environment and culture on shaping our common humanity.

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