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lilting voice that dripped with
honey. ” Marcus looked intently at me. “ Her family had riches and power
beyond measure and it was love at first sight for both of them. My father’s
dark eyes and bold manner won my mother’s heart and they married one
month to the day after they met. ” He sighed deeply. “ My mother wasn't a
strong woman and she died while giving birth to me; my life began and hers
ended. ” Tears glistened in his eyes.
“ My Father never recovered from that day; his heart was broken and he
grew steadily weaker as the years passed by. On my sixteenth birthday he
left this earth to be with my Mother, the love of his life. I inherited his title,
Count of Fredericksburg and all the responsibilities that go with it. I’ve
invested my money wisely, have no financial worries and do as I please,
traveling the world over, contributing to a vast assortment of charitable
organizations. I’ve seen exotic places and met many lovely women on my
journeys, but the ultimate pleasure in my life so far has been meeting you. ”
He stopped walking and turned to face me directly. “ Your resemblance to
my Mother is very remarkable; she adored red and I see you do as well. ” He
picked up on my apprehensions. “ Please tell me about yourself. ”
“ I grew up in an orphanage. ” My nerves made me tremble.
“ Don’t ever be afraid to tell me anything and everything, because I really
want to know. ” His tone was gentle and set me at ease.
“ When I graduated from high school, I received a full scholarship to a
prestigious all girls’ college and majored in marketing and accounting. I’ve
worked for David Winslow as his executive assistant for the past year and in
fact, I helped him plan and arrange the Charity Ball. ”
“ And a splendid job you’ve done, My Dear. Do you have a husband or
boyfriend perhaps? ”
“ No family, no husband, and definitely no boyfriend. ” I blushed in
embarrassment. “ The last boyfriend I had dumped me for my best friend.
He told me it was because I wanted to be sure of my feelings before I
committed myself to being physically intimate with a man. Now it’s my job
and me. ” Had I told him too much about my life?
“ To keep yourself pure until your innermost feelings are truly discovered is
to be commended. You’re a very rare and delicate person, Nancy. Would