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simple in style, but revealing enough to make me feel sensuous and alluring.
A driving force surged through me and I bought it on the spot, not
considering that it would cost me well over a month’s salary. I drove home
in haste, wanting to admire it again, but it hung in the back of my car,
encased in its own heavy-duty plastic designer bag.
I rushed to my door, unlocked it and ran up stairs, getting to my bedroom in
record time. I stripped off my clothes and tried on my dress once more. It fit
me perfectly and I purred in delight! The scooped neckline showed off just
enough cleavage to make me feel enticing and desirable. The empire waist
allowed the skirt front to billow right above my knees, while the back
dropped in swirling waves to mid-calf. I stared at a reflection I didn’t
recognize, feeling like an imperial queen.
I slipped my crimson high heels on over flesh-toned stockings and grabbed
my matching wallet purse off the nightstand. I flew downstairs and out the
door, then hopped into my ‘97 emerald green Mustang and drove like a she-
devil to get to the Charity Ball on time!
As we danced, I was mesmerized by his presence, floating in the clouds, my
feet never touching the ground. When the music stopped, minutes or hours
could have slipped by. Scores of conflicting emotions enveloped me and
Marcus whispered in my ear, “ Would you enjoy strolling through the Rose
Garden with me, My Dear Nancy? ”
I searched my memory but didn’t recall telling him my name when we met. I
willingly accepted his offer and we walked leisurely into another world,
where the scent of a thousand roses filled the air. The gardens were enclosed
in a climate-controlled area, allowing them to bloom year round. He tenderly
held my hand, and I experienced what it felt like to be a giddy teenager
again. I wanted this night, above any other night in my life, to be perfect,
needing Marcus to see me as his equal in every possible way.
We wound our way through the many paths and he told me about his early
life in Fredericksburg. “ My Father was the original Count of Fredericksburg
and had untold wealth, handed down from generation to generation. Gold,
silver, jewels, and property came his way by conquering nearby kingdoms.
My Mother was named Desiree’, a name that befit her nature. She was the
most beautiful and desirable woman in the entire country. Her loveliness
was breathtaking! She had black curling hair, deep lavender eyes and a