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Red Red Blood Chapter 1
We met at the Mid-Winter Charity Ball, held to raise funds for a new
research lab to be built later in the spring. It would be used to find cures for
blood-related diseases and disorders.
He was dressed entirely in black, except for his crisp white tailored shirt. His
polished gold cufflinks reflected the light from the overhead chandelier,
almost making them glitter. His midnight black hair was short, streaked with
silver at his temples, but long enough to be combed back from his face. His
smile lit up the room as he walked towards me and I felt like a shy teenager
being greeted at the door for her very first date. His voice was dark and
smooth, reminding me of bittersweet chocolate. “ I’m Count Marcus of
Fredericksburg. ” He captured my hand to kiss in greeting and I noticed the
ring he wore on the middle finger of his left hand was a square-cut black
onyx with diamonds around the outer edge and blood-red rubies in the
center, marking out the letter ‘M’.
“ You were the only person I noticed from across the room, an enchanting
vision dressed from head to toe in red, my favorite color. I knew I had to
meet you. ”
The chill of his mouth came into contact with the back of my hand and cold
shivers ran down my spine, spreading rapidly over the rest of my body. I
tried to pull away, but he raised his head and locked his dark, piercing eyes
to mine, lifting the very thoughts from my soul.
I listened with pleasure as the band played my favorite song, ‘Lady in Red.’
Marcus asked me to dance, knowing full well I wouldn’t refuse. Our bodies
swayed so close I heard his heart beat in staccato blips and recognized the
intoxicating scent of his cologne. I glanced up and saw the sad expression in
his gaze. “ Your smile lights up this dull ballroom with its brightness! ” His
voice dripped ice so cold it sent my temperature rising to the boiling point.
“ You and your exquisite red silk gown suit this song, ” he murmured
against my hair.
I’d seen this particular dress in the storefront window of an exclusive
designer shop, earlier Saturday afternoon. It screamed out my name in red-
hot chili pepper coloring and I dashed inside, impulsively telling the clerk I
had to try on that particular gown. It clung to my body like a second skin,