Recruiting Super Affiliates HTML version

Landing pages
Landing pages are the new sales pages. Most affiliates will
promote your product on a landing page. This is to capture
email addresses and Google has made it almost impossible
to promote a general page directly. So the good affiliates are
using landing pages. So make it easy and convenient for
them to add your product. Provide some sample reviews and
text just for the landing pages. You could convert some of
your newsletter text into a short paragraph or two. You want
to be on these pages. Make it a simple as cut and paste.
eBay auction templates
As of late eBay has started accepting a classified ad format.
While most merchants dread the day their product shows up
on eBay. This new option allows affiliate to legally attract
buyers through a classified ads leads system. So make it
easy for affiliates by providing a template to use on the site.
Otherwise you never know what they are saying.
By providing as much material as possible you are on your
way to building value in your affiliate programs. This value
will reward you with new higher quality affiliates.