Recruiting Super Affiliates HTML version

Building value on your affiliates page.
Putting up a couple of banners and text on a plain Jane
affiliates page, is not enough to capture the attention of
affiliates to your program. You need to spend as much time
and effort on your affiliates page as you do on the ad copy
and product itself.
Providing all the necessary materials will not only give the
page a fuller appearance but will show an interest in your
affiliates success. Some basic material you should provide
is: banners, Sales text for: newsletters, signatures, landing
pages, review sites and classified ads, eBay auction
templates, sample keywords and ad copy for PPC.
The more tools and material you provide your affiliates, the
easier it is for them to promote your product. The easier the
product is to promote, the more likely affiliates are to
promote it. Let's expand on a couple of these if you are new
to running an affiliate program or your looking for a new
approach to entice some affiliates.