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Download this FREE e-Book that focuses on the life of Tony Lima--and on making dreams come true! Success and money-- That is what Tony Lima was striving to achieve! Those were his only motives! Long ago, after witnessing his parents' struggle with money, he decided that he would achieve success and money no matter what hurdles lay ahead. Born and raised on a Brazilian farm, he had harbored a desire to be rich since childhood. He took every opportunity that came his way. From those humble beginnings, he emigrated to the United States in his 20's, and from dishwasher to model entrepreneur, he got the job done! Download this FREE e-Book today!

Jani Torrens

This is the kind of book we can't stop reading. If you ever wanted to reinvent yourself but didn't known where to start, read this book. It's fascinating! I read it before starting work for Renato Ferreira and now on a day-to-day basis I experience each chapter of this book while handling files and talking to him. I see the book like a movie right in front of my eyes.

Lala Priamo

Very inspiring and motivating book, this amazing true story makes you realize that you can achieve your dreams and that you must never give up.A must read


"Reborn is a thrilling adventure across "Tony Lima's" life, a glimpse ofthe rise and fall of the American dream life style, and a path throughwhich a person can get back on his two feet and continue his destinedjourney. Reborn is not only the mere anecdotes of a successfulentrepreneur and his ups and downs, it is a catharsis, the ultimate goalin order to achieve a complete and successful rebirth. The book reveals anew way of life, aiming to live life joyfully and in plenitude, alwaysseeking new paths to success, but in perfect harmony with the Universe.Reborn is a manual of live, an example to overcome adversity, ademonstration of tenacity and self conviction, and a new way of living. No doubt that this book is meant to open minds to a whole new concept oflifestyle.

Karina Nantes

Because I know Renato Ferreira, like her and now I miss her !!


This book is great and inspiring,I love and hope it benefits me alot.


Renato Ferreira

ENTREPRENEUR, VISIONARY, EXECUTIVE AND WRITER Experience over 18 years in Supply Chain, Logistics, import, export and international marketing. He had lived in several countries such as: Brazil, USA, Hong Kong and Uruguay. Immigrate to the USA in 1983 and become North American citizen in 1989; With the opening of the Brazilian market to automotive imports, he opened a corporation specialized in supply chain and Trade Finance though an integrated network of companies associates. He founded Lobraus in the USA (1989) and branches in: Brazil; Hong Kong; Madrid; Frankfurt; Mexico and Uruguay. He developed a software exclusive for operations system for trading and management of inventory with information in real time, via the internet. The system makes information available in real time at all stages of the logistic cycle, bring together clients and information’s about their foreign trade transactions, from the operations phase up to the final delivery. He also created the “End-to-End”. A concept that in order to provide Trade Finance, Lobraus acquires the merchandise, transport it, pay all relevant duties, taxes and delivers the goods at the final destination, invoicing in that country’s local currency. In 2006, taking the advantages of the free port and simple laws of Uruguay, he concentrated all Lobraus operations in Montevideo, Uruguay and created the Montevideo HUB Alliance ( transforming the Port of Montevideo in a HUB for all South América and Uruguay as a Natural Gateway to the Mercosur.

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