Rebel's Angel HTML version

Written By: Anne Reed & Kevin Pharaoh
I can’t decide what I’m actually feeling in the early moments of this
“one last job.” Fear and excitement sit in the stomach remarkably
the same similar to the way extreme cold feels like a hot burn to the
touch. This is all new to me. Crime in the upper middle class only
exists on tem o’clock TV but behind these Bette Davis eyes lies the
perfect accomplice. I am a church going girl armed with the perfect
alibi, a last name that says I can do what I want. With a promise
and a kiss he sends me in. His lovely little Trojan horse painted
Should I be proud of what I’ve done caused a good girl to turn bad she deserves
a ring but I taught her how to pull her hair back and put on a ski mask my
twisted angel the hickeys on her neck might as well be the mark of the beast
she stepped into the world of the rebels because she was bored with those