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How Affirmations work

Affirmations are designed to reprogram the mind. When done effectively it has the power to radically transform everything within you, even what seems impossible. It has been said by spiritual masters through time that we are able to transform our physical being with words. That understanding extends itself into the realm of miraculous healings and profound mental shifts within a person’s psyche.

Today the findings done by scientist on the study of language on the human DNA is outstanding. It is being discussed in every forum and the knowledge is revolutionizing the way we see ourselves and our capabilities. What is now known in the field of science is that the DNA can be programmed to alter the physical structure of the body. This can be done by mere words. Nothing invasive is necessary only our own words said at certain frequencies can redesign our body. The emphasis being on frequency makes the difference between a successful program and one that is not successful.

Affirmations also help in bringing new ideas into our being. How many times have you heard someone or even yourself say that you have changed inside but the external does not manifest those changes? No one else sees those changes and despite all the knowledge you may possess there seems to be no changes what so ever in the outward appearances of the life and making the leap to change from the present life to the new life seems still quite difficult even with the new knowledge.

We are like computers and we must over ride the old program with a new program in order to see dramatic changes. We must become immersed in the new concepts. We already are immersed in previously limited concepts for quite sometime. We spoke about it, expected it, saw it and believed it to be truth for all of life. So having come upon new information or a new desire to change some aspect of ourselves the mind requires a similar sort of immersion which is done by repeatedly affirming something new better and more powerful about ourselves. As that new program enters we begin to talk about it, we begin to expect it, look for it and that new information becomes our way, our truth.

Whatever we program into our being will become physically evident in our lives. There is absolutely no limit to what we can program ourselves to be or experience. So affirmations aren’t something you do once in a while. It is the way of true mastery.

Affirmations can be used to program the self to: Make more money
Attain greater health
Make more friends
Buy your dream house
Overcome fears
Heal disease in the body
Become more physically attractive Reverse the aging process
Grow your business
Attract your soul mate
Overcome procrastination Become spiritually enlightened Be more forgiving
Strengthen the mind
Loose weight
Create the ideal body
Grow healthier hair
Strengthen your vision
Learn faster

The list goes on. There is no limit to the things that one can program themselves for.