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drained from the local economy! The old adage, it takes money to make money will
ensure that the continual malignant growth of giant corporationslike big fish eating
small fish. If they didn’t swallow up the smaller ones, they would terminate themselves.
When people must shop from stores where they can save the most, it creates a situation
where larger companies can absorb a loss by temporarily lowering their prices until they
drive out their competition. Let’s face it, the business community is turning into a giant
rat going in circles trying to catch and consume its own tail.
As the days wore on, I started to become more and more disillusioned with my job and I
began to look elsewhere. It’s as if you fill some particular slot and then your energies are
directed in another area and you are content with trying to maintain your slot as your
desires are projected elsewhere. Is this where youth leaves us? When we take those deep-
down desires that propelled us in our youth and gave us ambition and drive through
school, only to crash-land on some corporation’s rank-and-file list? Incidentallywith all
of their overseas operationswhat happens when an oil company or telecom gets bigger
than the United States government and when the government tries to legislate against
their interests? Will they declare a strike or work stoppage and hold the country for
ransom? Pretty frightening.
It’s hard to be objective when you are on one side of a situation. As I looked over the
returns from one of our older mail order projects, I was surprised to see all of the replies
that referred to mail pollution. Out of a mailing of two million people, a one percent
response was usually adequate in a mail-order program to produce a profit. Just think of
the tides and tides of mail sent out at reduced rates! The amount of junk mail flooding the
post offices can only be supplemented by charging more and more for postage rates for
personal mail. As for business mail, all of the paperwork is created for one essential
reason: written proof in black and white. As a substitute for trust, paperwork furnishes
evidence. My boss would have his secretary put everything in writing. Meetings,
telephone discussions, observations, anything! His secretary was always busy typing. He
was feared by all because he was the only one with all of the paperwork. The funny thing
was, he was always skipping out and working on his church’s accounting and the most
feared was always afraid of me because I knew what he was up to. As a matter of fact,
when I was first interviewed for the job working under him, I was told afterwards that he
insisted his employee should score 100% on the company achievement test. Later that
day I remember basking in pride upon learning that I had missed the first answer, but had
proceeded to score 99% and was told I had the job.
After much disillusionment, I started sending out resumes in search of another job. I
learned that once I started to progress within the company, my job description and area of
responsibility could not be directly assimilated into other companies’ job descriptions,
which meant quite simply that I wouldn’t be hired. It felt like high school revisited. The
business communitylike the student bodyrepresented one big clique. If you allow
yourself to become part of this scene, you’re sort of an automated robot who goes to
work each day with the same intensity as a yoyo on its upward movementstraight on
track. When reviewing your resume, generally they are looking more for time lapses than