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myself at the thought. I loved my parents, but it was always interesting to see the new
twist they would add to things.
I shook my head of the thought as I felt Dad accidentally bump into me, trying to
get the suit case on the Queen-sized bed. There was the bed on the right side of the room,
a small bedside table, a large curtain hanging from the ceiling (you know…the types of
‘curtains’ they have between hospital beds), and a small sized sofa that transformed into a
bed. The large bed was light blue in color with snowy white pillows. I silently walked
over to my sofa and sat myself down on its tacky-green fabric. I looked across the walls.
The wallpaper was a deep sea blue-green color. The wall opposite of myself had a dark
brown desk with the typical ‘welcome’ brochures and ‘safety’ brochure. I shook my head
and looked at the large, flat screen TV. Well, it was large for what you’d expect to be in a
tiny ship room. I smirked and looked outside of our sliding glass door, to my right. There
was a small balcony that currently over looked the city of Miami, Florida.
I lived in Kingsland, Georgia. A small town in almost the middle of nowhere that
could see Florida from their backyard. It was warm most of the year, got mega humid in
the summer and quite brisk during the winter. Dad said we needed the cruise to escape
‘the real world’ for a week. I made a face at the thought. ‘Getting away from the real
world’ meant me dropping the internet for a week, and being unable to call OR text
anyone. Yes, scream, I know, it’s agonizing. Especially for a seventeen year old girl, such
as myself!
“When’s dinner?” I asked to no one in particular as I searched for the black
remote to turn the TV on.
“Seven tonight, sweetie.” I heard Mom say. I gave a nod as I flipped through the
channels. Not a lot of channels to choose from. I should have guessed.
“Go on and explore the ship, meet us back here at about 6:30, ‘kay?” I heard Dad
ask. I gave a nod as I stood up and turned off the TV. I gazed down at myself. I had on a
black, strapless/sleeveless dress that went down to about my waist, where it fanned out
into a flat-black tutu style. The torso section was raven black with a few buckles down
the middle. My legs were covered with black/white striped tights and my favorite pair of
white, knee high, platform, combat boots. Yes, you heard right, WHITE combat boots. I
don’t like being all dark in my style. I wouldn’t call myself ‘gothic’ either. I dress
according to my mood, so some days I’m bright and sunny, other days I’m rather dark,
and sometimes, I am just a hot mess.
The ship had nine floors. I figured out only three decks were important to me
though. The second deck (aka as the Arne deck) held all the restaurants, the eighth floor
(aka as the Frits deck) held two large pools and a casino, and the ninth floor (aka the
Kees deck) held a library on the far right end and a dance floor on the far left end. In case
you are wondering about the names, the ship is run by a Dutch line, hence the Dutch
names. I had just wandered around the three floors, getting my bearings before heading
back to the room. I changed into a dark violet halter dress that went down to my knees.
The dark purple dress highlighted my olive-toned skin. My hair was about down to the
center of my back and raven black with deep-purple tips. The purple came in different
hues and shadows, depending how the light hit it. My parents hated me dying my black
hair, but hey, I loved purple! I pulled my hair back into a high ponytail and pulled on a