Ravens, Monsters, & Phoenixes HTML version

you wish to call it. Especially if you’re a teenager. Things will happen that you likely will
regret whenever your back.
Names, appearances, company names, etc…have been slightly modified to protect
identities. The main character, Vei (pronounced V-ay), is my own perception of myself in
many ways. She is my ideal self, with most of my real details, and some modified details,
something I’ve always wanted to have, etc…
What I will tell is something that really happened to me, with some minor
modifications. (reasons stated in last paragraph).
Also, I, just like Vei, take interest in all sexes. If you have a problem with same-
sex love, flirting, kissing, etc… than drop this now. I’d rather have my book read by
people with open minds, than with people sticks up their bums about the subject. With
that being said, let’s let out story begin =)
Chapter One: Arrival
“Don’t forget to change, honey!” I heard Mom say. I gave a sigh. We had just
entered our snug little room, on this ship. This had come as a complete surprise to me and
my mother. Dad decided to surprise us on Christmas, so here we are now. I smiled to