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“Rarely-Used Success Models”

By: Henry Gold


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The Table Of Contents


Chapter 1- Models 1-5


Chapter 2- Models 6-10


Chapter 3- Models 11-15


Chapter 4- Models 16-20


Chapter 5- Models 21-25


Chapter 6- Models 26-30


Chapter 1

1 Remember newsgroups are still pretty popular. You could post your ad in ones that allow it or you can leave messages with your sig file included. One of the fastest ways to get your message noticed in a newsgroup is to ask a question. For example, "How do I..." or "Where do I…?" People have been raised their whole lives to answer questions.

2 Spend money on targeted advertising instead of mass media advertising. You don't want to waste your ad dollars on people who aren't interested. For example, you don't want to buy a business opportunity ad in a football magazine unless it is related to sports. If you are sending your ad to a general audience, make sure they have a section for your particular sub-set of that audience.
3 Increase your profits by concentrating on small details. Improving small things like text size, color, or graphics can really make a positive difference. For example, if people can't read small text how are they are going to buy your product? Another example, why would somebody spend time at your web site if your colors are all bright ones and hurt their eyes?

4 Keep your offers flexible. If you offer a set price for your product, you could offer the people who can't afford it an optional payment plan. For example, you could offer a Gold Plan for $47, a Silver Plan for $37, a Bronze Plan for $27 and a free plan to give them a taste of your product or service.

5 Offer your knowledge or consulting as a bonus product. You could offer a free 15- or 30-minute consultation. This will add value to your product. For example, you could say, "Get A FREE 30- Minute Marketing Consultation!" You could also offer it as a freebie to get them interested in buying your product.

Chapter 2

6 Personalize all your e-mail messages so they get read. Include the recipient's name in the subject line. This will grab people's attention quickly. For example, wouldn't "(your name), Learn How To..." get your attention more than just "Learn How To..."? I figured you would say that.

7 Keep your web site consistent. You don't want things on your web site that are unrelated to your theme. For example, if you went to a web site and one page was blue and the next page was pink, then the next page was green, wouldn't you think very hard before purchasing their product? It would look very unprofessional to you.

8 Attract more subscribers to your free e-zine by giving them free bonuses like e-books, software, online services and other incentives. For example, you could say, "Get A Free E-book For Subscribing To Our Award Winning Marketing E-zine!" Another example, "Receive A Free Ad In Our E-zine When You Subscribe!"

9 Sell advertising space in your e-zine and on your web site. This will create an extra income stream for your business. For example, if you publish an e-zine, you could sell classified ads, top sponsor ads and solo ads. You could also sell advertising on your "Thank You for Subscribing" page or e-mail.

10 Make your web site ready for the public. Have an "About Us" page and clear descriptions of what actions you want your visitors to take. For example, you could say "My name is (your name). I started this candy business back in 1975 with my brother Jim. In 1999 we brought our business to the web and now we ship our candies to 50 countries around the world."

Chapter 3

11 Don't just start advertising everywhere - plan out your marketing. Locate places and publications that your target audience would congregate around. For example, if your target audience is gardeners, you could search for gardening e-zines, web sites, experts, message boards, chat rooms, web rings, etc.

12 Make copies of your web site in many different languages. This'll allow foreign speaking people to read your web site and advertisements. For example, if one of your visitors couldn't read English, would they buy from you? It would be very unlikely. You could just have all the languages of your web site listed on your home page so they could click on the one they could read.

13 Give your customers a surprise bonus for buying. When you give customers more than they expect, there is a good chance they will buy from you again. For example, "Here is a surprise bonus! It's a Free Report On How To…" Another example, you could give them a surprise before they order, like a lower price when they get to your order page.

14 Send greeting cards offline or online to customers on holidays. You'll get the chance to increase your orders by including your ad inside the card. For example, you could say, "Happy Thanksgiving! To make your holiday even more special, we are offering you a 40% discount on any product listed at our web site. Just visit http://www.(yoursite).com".

15 Market your products or services to your target audience. For example, don't try to sell a football in a cooking magazine. If you really wanted to be creative though, you could sell a football in a cooking magazine. Just offer a free recipe book with each purchase. The person would think, “I get the book and I will give the football to my son or husband.”

Chapter 4

16 Give people the option of buying other products or add-on products when they decide to buy your main product or service at the point of sale. For example, if you were selling a TV, you could offer a VCR at half off its regular price. Another idea would be to offer a second TV for discount.

17 Think of new ways to attract people to buy your products or services. You could add on extra free bonuses, delivery options, payments options, etc. For example, you could say, "You can pay for our product in 3 easy payments of $19.95!" Another example, "We won't bill your credit card for a full 60 days!"

18 Give other businesses the option of selling your product. It could be a simple joint venture deal or an affiliate/associate program. For example, you could say, "Join our affiliate program and make 50% commission on each sale!" Another example, "Sell this product for us and we will drop ship it directly to your customer!"

19 Follow-up regularly with all your prospects and current customers. When people see your ad more than once they are more likely to buy. For example, in your e-zine you could have an article that mentions your product. Another example, you could e-mail them a special one-day sale you're having for your product.

20 Learn sales ideas from reading and studying other businesses’ advertising and marketing material. It could be ads, brochures, TV ads, sales letters, etc. For example, if you see an attention-getting headline, rewrite it but don't copy it for your own product. Another example, if you seen an ad with a
persuasive ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, maybe you could do that for your own product.
Chapter 5

21 Enter to win awards for your web site. When you display the award graphics on your web site, it will increase your credibility and professionalism. For example, wouldn't you rather buy from someone if it's proven by a third party award web site that they are professional?

22 You could offer your potential customers a free sample of your product. If the sample proves what you claim, there is a high chance they will buy it. For example, if you are selling an e-book, give your prospects a free excerpt or sample chapter. Another example, if you are selling a print magazine, give them some online examples of your content.

23 You could give your potential customers a free trial of your product or service. Tell them you won't bill them for 30 days. This takes all the risk away from them making the choice to buy your product. For example, if you had the choice of purchasing from a business that made you pay upfront or down the road, which one would you choose?

24 You could offer your potential customers a rebate after they buy your product or service. They will feel they are getting a good deal. For example, you could say "Get A $10 Dollar Rebate When You Buy..." Another example, you could give them a full rebate because most people won't take the time to send it in anyway, unless your product is really expensive.

25 Tell your prospects that your product lasts longer. People don't like to spend more money purchasing replacement products all the time. For example, you could say, "Our Product Lasts 10 Times Longer Than Our Leading Competition.” Another example, “Our Product Is Guaranteed To Last Over 3 Months Or Your Money Back!"”

Chapter 6

26 You could reward your potential customers if they buy a specific number of products. Tell them if they buy 3 or more products, they will get one free. People like to save money and feel they are getting a good bargain. You will increase your profits because they will buy more products than usual.

27 You could reward your potential customers if they spend over a specific dollar amount. Tell them if they spend over $100, they get a 10% discount. You could also extend the offer over a certain period of time and attract them to revisit your web site. For example, you could say, "Buy Over $50 Worth Of Merchandise Within The Next Month And Get A 20% Discount!"

28. Tell your prospects that your product achieves results faster. People are becoming more and more impatient and want results fast. For example, your headline could be something like "How To...In Five Minutes Or Less!" Another example, "Learn To...In 30 Days Flat Or Your Money Back!"

29 You could hold a “Buy One, Get One Free” sale for your potential customers. Tell them if they buy one product, they get another product for free valued at the same price. For example, "Buy one of our $19 business books and pick another book for free at the same price or less!"

30 You could hold a special $1 sale for your potential customers. They'll come to your web site to buy your product for only a dollar, but may buy other products. For example, you could sell an e-book for one dollar and have ads near it for other e-books you sell for, say, $27.

The End


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