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The Story
“I think I’m one of the 95% who doesn’t succeed and gives up.”
This quote was from an email that I received recently from one of my subscribers. I felt
absolutely terrible after reading it. I felt like I had not been doing my job as a marketer.
I was supposed to be providing my subscribers with information that would help them
prosper as Internet Marketers, and yet here was this email from an extremely
discouraged individual.
Was I fulfilling the promise I made on my squeeze page? This email led to believe that
the answer to that question might be “no”.
I immediately wrote back to this individual with some words of encouragement, sharing
my own trials and tribulations and letting this gentleman know that he is not alone in
this feeling, and that if he is sticks with it, he will succeed. “I’ll help you”, I told him.
That was the motivation behind writing this report and the experiment that I decided to
My goal: To employ a simple, yet profitable, article marketing, blogging, and social
media tactic that is easy for a “newbie” to understand and employ.
In short, I want to show the new Internet Marketer an easy way to make decent money
online. So, I went back to basics, adding some of my own little twists, and got some
pretty great results!
I think it’s important to show you what you can do when you apply proven techniques
and don’t overthink it. This is a screen shot from a Clickbank account that I opened to
conduct this experiment. The results are from 3 reviews that I wrote about 3 top selling
Clickbank products in the Internet Marketing niche.