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Rapid Niche Domination
Ever since I began studying internet
marketing the one thing that I’ve discovered that
holds a lot of people from launching a successful
information business is the ability to select a
profitable niche.
Niche Selection is the most important
ingredient of any profitable information business.
Let’s put it this way without getting this right your
chances of making money online are very slim.
Without a niche you have no audience to market
too. You’ll end up wasting a lot more time trying
what you think will work without actually doing
what will.
You can try all the different make money in
a few minutes online with the latest loophole tricks
that you want, but the one thing that almost every
successful information business is built on is the
ability to effectively select a “hungry” audience
that they can easily sell to.
Through lots of tedious testing and
implementation like an internet marketing mad
scientist, I have developed a simple system that I
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