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Rapid Niche Domination
Here’s an example of that lets take
Pets for example I know a guy online who
instead of just targeting dog training he targets
specific breeds of dogs. What he did was recognize
the small puddles and became the big fish in those
puddles and now he is making a killing because he
didn’t just target a broad niche like dog training he
targeted specific kinds of dogs.
How To Find A Profitable Niche For
Another thing I like to do is head over to
dummies.com and look at the different topics that
they might have. I think the dummies.com is the
most valuable way to gauge if the niche that you
are targeting is profitable.
Think about this lots and lots of research
goes into the for dummies products. This is how
you can leverage someone else’s hard work and
profit. Here’s an example: you are interested in the
personal finance niche. Now you search for forums
on that niche. You find a problem you head over to
amazon.com find the book in the for dummies
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