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Rapid Niche Domination
I call that the real deal.
Anyway let’s move on…
I can bet that right now, as you sit and read
this book that there is information that you possess
that you can assess right now and use to help
people, you just need to tap into it. If you take the
time to do this you would realize that there is in
fact an information niche that you can enter in and
become a success.
Using Your Available Resources
I know your probably wondering what
happens if you don’t have any expertise to
leverage. Well one thing that I know a lot of us
have are resources that we can use. You can find
resources that you can leverage quite easily.
Maybe you know experts in the niches you
target. You could easily interview these people and
package it up as a program. Now you have
information that the people in you niche would be
hungry to consume and guess what your product
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