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Rapid Niche Domination
answer these questions above then this niche
probably isn’t for you.
The good thing is it is easy to become an
expert at something, because information is so
readily available in so many forms that it blows my
mind. Information is powerful and you need to
harness as much of it as you can to make this work
for you.
Let’s get a little bit more into why your
expertise is so important when starting out.
Using Your Expertise
If I was getting into this today I would get
into a few niches that I find that I’m really
passionate about other than internet marketing. I
know that I can enter into these niches and
immediately begin to make money as a matter of
fact I have already gotten into a few of them.
The first niche for me would be music. I love
music and I understand a ton about the different
aspects of making good music. When I was younger
I wanted to be a rapper. Well that dream still
hasn’t come true but in the process I learned
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