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Rapid Niche Domination
might be sitting on a niche that you are passionate
about which makes your job a lot easier.
If you look carefully you would realize that
the above niches fit the testing criteria that I gave
you earlier to evaluate the different niches.
I’ve given you the tools that you need to
evaluate and choose a profitable niche with ease
now let us move on and dicuss how you can go
about choosing the niche that is best for you to get
How To Find “Your” Niche
This is the part where a lot of people seem
to get stuck at. I remember when I used to spend
hours just staring at the computer screen until I
became so frustrated and ended up being more
lost then when I began.
The problem is you have to keep your
decisions as limited as you can for now. Its simple
the less decisions you have to make, the less
frustration you would have to deal with. Think
about it if you had only 3 niches to test wouldn’t
you be able to effectively test these three niches as
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