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Rapid Niche Domination
hobby niche is this, does my target prospect
consume information to help them to get more
enjoyment and fulfillment out of their hobby? And
do they consume it in many different forms?
If you can easily answer those questions
then you’ve found a niche that you can begin to
target. You have to remember though that it is
“information” that you are selling and not physical
products. There are some hobby niches where only
physical goods can be sold and these are not the
niches that you are targeting.
Now that you have an idea of what you
should be looking out for when you are deciding
upon a niche in the desperation niche, or in the
hobby niche, I want to show you a few niches that
have been proven to profitable and that I think will
always be profitable.
The Niches That Will Always Be Profitable
Whether you decide to go with the
desperation or hobby niche there is always niches
that will be profitable to a marketer that knows
what they are doing. Even if you are just getting
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