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Rapid Niche Domination
has a “hunger for information consumption”. You
have to know if your market is the type of market
that will consume massive amounts of information
to find out the solution to their problem.
The final thing that you should look for is if
your target audience has a place that they will hang
out and share about their problem. If there is a
niche that has a forum chances are that this niche
will be profitable to you.
Gauging How Hungry Your Market Is
For Information
Many marketers overlook this when picking
a niche. They never take the time to figure if their
niche consists of people that are hungry to
consume information on the particular problem
that they may be experiencing.
You want to make sure that people in this
niche don’t just buy one product. You want people
to buy the eBook, the audio set and tapes, the
video courses. You want them to pay for more high
ticket items like your coaching program, the
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