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Rapid Niche Domination
The desperate niches are easier to sell to then the
hobby niche.
If you really can’t choose and you are just
starting out then my recommendation to you
would be to begin in the desperation niche. Once
you have built up a sustainable amount of income
by targeting this niche then you can probably try
your hand in the hobby niche.
Now I want to get into the criteria to go
about precisely choosing a desperation or hobby
niche that will give you the most profitable results.
Deal? Ok let’s move on…
Selecting A Desperation Niche
The first thing you want to look for and ask
yourself is “Are these people hungry for a solution
to relieve some of the pain they may be
experiencing whether physically, mentally or
both?” You have to be able to gauge if your market
is hungry for a solution to a problem.
The second thing you would want to do is
find out if the average person in this target market
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