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Rapid Niche Domination
Two Best Information Niches
To keep things simple when you decide to
get into the information niche there are two niches
that you should spend the most of your time
targeting. These two niches are:
1. People who have problems and are
desperate for “solutions”
2. People who spend ridiculous amounts of
money on stuff they really don’t need
So basically we are targeting solutions seekers
and people who are excessively passionate about
their specific hobbies.
Solution Seeker – Desperation Niche
Passionate Spender – Hobby Niche
In my opinion the desperation niche is the
easiest to target for a beginning marketer.
Here is how I define a desperate niche:
People who have a problem that they are
desperately seeking out solutions for. These are
the type of people, who lay in bed at night unable
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