Rancid Tales HTML version

This book is dedicated to production supervisors in the food
processing industry. Many of the stories in this book contain
accounts that describe their demanding job. In my experience of
over 25 years in Food Processing, I can say that we all owe those
most key people in food processing a debt of gratitude for caring
about their work. Because of them, we can go to the grocery store,
and expect to buy commercially safe food products. Thank you. Be
proud of what you do.
I spent over 20 years worki ng for four different food processing
companies, making thousands of different products . I have a lot of
stories. The stories are not in any chronological order.
I wrote this because I did not want to bec ome one of those old
guys who repeat the same stories over and over to people who
heard them already and are too polite to walk away. So I figured I
should write these tasty tales of bungling for posterity. That way,
they can just go get a copy of this book and I can spare them the
oral version.
Don't blame any of today's workers on what was done in any of
the stories mentioned here. I have not been in the Food Processing
Industry for 15 years. The companies have changed hands and the
same people are not there. I changed all the names.