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Short Stories by Bobby W. Lee
Bobby W. Lee
A collection of short stories and poems
Why do you read? Someone asked me this once and I was instantly dumbfounded. How does
one explain, I thought. So I sat and thought about it in great depth. What I came up with to simplify all
the reasons into a nutshell was that reading takes you out of yourself and yet into yourself!
Confused? If you don't love to read then, probably so. Everyone is different so I will try to explain my
personal reasons. Reading turns on the switch to my imagination which is like a time machine. It can
take me anywhere I let it. My subconscious mind provides the props and angles and the movie plays
out in my conscious mind. The script is transferred through my brain by way of my eyes and there
you have it, living technicolor action. Hey, it works for me! Not every writer can trip the switch but
when I find one who does I read savagely, like a drowning man fighting to grad a life raft! I have
been known to walk through a library pulling an interesting looking title here and there, scanning a
few paragraphs and rejecting or keeping till I have eight or ten keepers and then devouring them in
a few days. Nowadays it's like my dreams have come true withEbooks and I feed on them like a
shark on a school of fish. Don't get me wrong, I love a good movie! But I'll take a good book over
them anyway, my imagination as I read far surpasses anything Hollywood can toss my way! I don't
know if any of you feel like this, but I have a good hunch a lot of people are like me. Nothing beats a
good book and when you finish it you want more, more, more! This love has led me to write and I
hope somewhere someway my work affects someone the same way the great authors I have read
and loved affected me. It's a marvelous world that is yours alone in how you interpret a book, a
super personal experience like nothing else. Here are a collection of my short stories so far, they
are what they are. You be the judge, my job is to entertain and I hope to hit that mark. Best Wishes,
Bobby W. Lee
The Cave
Pink amid orange swirled with pale blue and gauzy white streaked the sky as dawn faintly
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