Raising Confident Girls HTML version

Raising Confident Girls 
Although nobody gets a parenting
manual or bible in the delivery room,
it is our duty as parents to try to
make our kids as well rounded,
happy and confident as possible. It
is a lot easier to bring up great kids
than it is to try and fix problems
caused by bad parenting, when our
kids have become adults.
Our children are all individuals –
they are not our property but people
in their own right. Too many people
have children for the wrong reasons
– they want someone to love them
or they want to live on through their
kids. Children deserve respect and
must be allowed to become their own person. They are not mini
versions of their parents – well at least they shouldn’t be.
From the day they are born, kids should be allowed to find their own
way in this world and at their own pace. Now, we are not suggesting
for a second that you abandon them to their own devices. What we
mean is that your role as a parent is similar to that of a coach. You
should be there to cheer them on as they move towards different
goals, but never try and push them too hard to do something they are
simply not yet ready for.
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