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Raised by Reapers 2
He looked back down at the book. “Delia,” he said flatly, like he
was greeting a stranger on the street.
“Adrian.” I sat down on the couch across from him, smoothing
the folds of my black dress. He completely ignored me. I was used to
this, but if I didn’t put any effort into the meetings, I would be the one
to get punished.
But I didn’t have to achieve anything that day, so I decided to
get answers of my own. He’d grown up a lot since the day Raven first
brought him in, but he’d always be that wrecked blonde boy to me.
“Adrian, why do you hate me so much?”
His eyes met mine and they devoured me to the depths of my
soul. “I don’t hate you. I just don’t like you. There’s a difference.”
The rest of that meeting was spent in agonizing silence.
A week after that, Raven brought him along on a reaping. “Why
is he coming with us? He never does his job,” I whispered to Raven as I
slipped my black cloak on.
She flicked her yellow eyes at me, but didn’t really see me. I was
used to that, too. “Felix arranged it. Don’t ask so many questions.”
Raven was my mentor. She looked like a small child in a reaper
costume but could create pain like no other in an instant.