Rael - The Masonic Messiah


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Download the FREE e-book, the Masonic Messiah, and discover the connections between Raelism, Freemasonry, The New World Order (NWO) and the Illuminati. * Why is the agenda of the ruling elite identical to that of the Raelians? * What is the Freemasonic, Great Work, all about? * Did the Prophets of old really exist, or were they just astrological allegories? * What is the occult (hidden) meaning of the name RA-EL? * How come all New Age religions share a Luciferic doctrine? * What was the true character of the alien Gods? * Are the E.T:s really from space, or manufactured here on Earth? * Are we really nothing more than biological Robots?

Daniel Vandinja

Ha ha! Great comment! This is however just a scratch on the surface. I would suggest to anyone who is serious about finding real answers to life´s existential questions, to read A Course in Miracles. It is an amazing book, answering all your questions in depth... Love Daniel Vandinja

Daniel Vandinja

Thanks for the comments! I have since some time pulled down my website realrael.org, but ny book still lives on this site, and a few others. I hope many more read it, and think once or twice before joining the R.M. Love Daniel Vandinja

Dennis Mennice

I am a Raelian member and i have been studying the illuminati agendas especially their Monarch mind control programs (at a free thinkers college) that they have put in place to eliminate the 'useless feeders' heres the web link if anyone is interested. http://sm4csi.home.xs4all.nl/n... Regarding the book I felt it was extraordinary. Well written and researched. I just feel by just linking it to the Raelian movement with its title you are cutting off a huge audience that would benefit from reading this. Something to ponder on ... I would love to talk with Daniel on this especially as being a reasonably high member of the Raelian Movement. Even if Raels brainwashing is so. (Which everything points towards) For me The Raelian Movement still one of the most positive and unifying movements out there. I have never witnessed anything satanic or forceful there ... Yes ther is free love there which messes the vulnerable ones up, but it is all consentual and there is always empathic people there to try and teach and help those that don't think things through. Its only with groups like the Zietgeist, Thrive, even Raelian movement where you get the right empathic motivated people that want to make to make a difference and stand up to this forseen police brutality that is being slowly introduced around the world to achieve the NWO totalitarian Police state. So maybe we could use them rather than alienate them in our stance against such Tyranny?

Rex Tara

interesting and challenging to find what others do think

sangram lonkar

its an amazing book.....good job...


Fantastic overview of the occult connection to the Raelian sect. However this book is so much more than just a comparison between the NWO and the Raelian Illuminati agenda. It´s an overview of the whole occult agenda, going back to mankinds origins. It´s also revealing a lot of explanations concerning occult symbolism. This guy really seem to know what he is talking about. Great work!!! Recommended.

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